Championship Tables

These are the tables that determine the club's overall champions and also the most improved runners of the year.

Championship points are awarded according to the numbers running in each distance category league table so that if there are 20 males that have run a 10K then the leader will get 20 points, the next best will get 19 points and so on down to the last which will get 1 point. In addition the leader in each distance category will receive a bonus of the number of runners in the category (thus doubling his or her points), the second-placed runner a half of the number of runners (rounded down), the third placed a quarter and so on. So, for example, if there were 34 runners in a disctance category the winner would get 34 + 34 = 68 points. The runner-up would get 50 points (33 + 17), the third-placed runner would get 40 points (32 + 8), fourth would get 35 (31 + 4), fifth would get 32 (30 + 2), sixth would get 30 (29 + 1), with the remainder getting 28 points down to 1 (last).

There are also awards for the most improved runners. PB points (which are separate from the championship points system) are awarded on the basis of 2 points for a PB other than a club debut and 1 point for each distance category in which either a PB or a club debut was run. "RM" is the best age-graded performance in the year whilst "RS" is the starting age-graded performance rating which is normally the best rating performance from the previous year. However, if fewer than two events were run, the best rating in the first two events run in the previous year and the current one is taken as "RS". "R+-", shows the improvement between last year's best age-graded performance rating (RS) and the best of this year (RM). "IR" is the number of races in which the runner beat the starting age-graded performance rating (RS). The final column, "IIx", is the improvement index which is the sum of the PB points (PBp), the rating improvement (R+-) and IR.

The club year has varied slightly as follows:

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Female Championship (max pts = 2) for 2020-2021

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Pos Runner Pts RM RS R+- IR PBp IIx
1 Ulrike Naumann 2 47.85 54.30 -6.44 0 0 -6.44

Male Championship (max pts = 8) for 2020-2021

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Pos Runner Pts RM RS R+- IR PBp IIx
1 Steve Clark 6 72.25 72.25 0.00 0 0 0.00
2 Andy Farrant 3 65.09 68.37 -3.28 0 1 -2.28
3 Simon Cox 2 72.93 76.88 -3.95 0 0 -3.95
4 Matthew Northover 1 59.69 60.41 -0.72 0 0 -0.72
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